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This is for my friends from fan club :) Date: Sep 22nd @ 7:33am EDT
SATURDAY'S! Date: Sep 12th @ 11:04am EDT
Saturday's will be more fun from now on! I will wait for you into my room EVERY Saturday for the booze night,of course.
Every Saturday will have:
-Different Outfits
-Special drinks
-Themed music (Ex: Jazz night, Rock night, Pop night etc)
-And after party sex, of course
What you have to do ?
Relax and enjoy, spoil yourself once in a while,because you deserve!

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE! Date: Dec 9th @ 2:13am EST
That was my room topic days in a row , at least as I was drinking my coffe with you and ejoying that morning time when you can t wait to wake up, just to drink your coffee in pace, to have a nice chat and to remember some good times beside someone who undersands you.
Well , this is my morning habit.
I think those who visit me for a long time now, they already know what they can expect when I log in , heheh!
Well after this morning habit, what is coming next it s another story, for another time! wish you all a wonderfull day! KISSES!
New Photos! Date: Nov 12th @ 4:00am EST
I will be soon posting some new photos to remember !
I may never know what s behing the corner!
ALl my love!
Muah! Date: Nov 12th @ 3:58am EST
hi dear visitors:) Date: Sep 1st @ 8:03pm EDT
Hi! Welcome to my blog :* :) If You're already here, don't forget to boost me! You can also leave a comment on my message wall, I love it :) Anyway it is good for You if You'll decide to spend with me some time 1on1. Why? Scroll the site :P
We'll find 4 sure a common topic for conversation :) Im open girl so dont be afraid to ask :) Always willing to learn something new from You ;) There is one and only rule of my room. Treat me like You wanna be treated. Remember, there is something like ban button...and we don't want it to be used, right? ;) Below is a list of things You can get for one of required single tips :) Don't tip me before you do the request. Try to deserve every inch of me ;) Oh! One more thing.. Whisper only with these guys who took me pvt or tipped me before :)..and now go back to my room and enjoy those beautiful twins! lol *squeeeeze* ^^

I will never do anything that I'm uncomfortable doing. You guys get the best from me when I feel sexy, so I'm not interested in compromising that. (You may also note that this means that whatever you see me doing on here, I am enjoying myself!)
If you want to know me better join me and maybe we`ll start a nice friendship or friendsex;) kisses
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